Contact Christopher set up a speaking engagements or classes.

Home School Mom Diane Rider said:
Christopher Ouellette, a film theory major, an experienced high school literature teacher and youth worker explores the basics of a good story in his 20 Questions to Get the Whole Story workshop. His enthusiastic and interactive presentation is very relevant for today’s media packed culture. His simple, almost Socratic, method equips you with the tools to delve into the meaning in the books and movies you encounter every day. A literature appreciation class, a creative writing class and a critical thinking class all rolled into one enjoyable workshop! You’ll find yourself relating to your world on a deeper level after attending
this workshop.

Dr. Pam Brady of Coastlands.us said:
“Chris is contemporary without compromise. In an increasingly complex genre,he can be counted on to give accurate,Biblical insight.”

Topics include:

20 Questions to get the Full Story – How to teach students to find story structure and theme.

You are not the Church of Tomorrow – series for youth based on 1 Timothy 4:12

Spiritual Symbolism in Lord of the Rings – Looking at how film maker Perter Jackson translated the spiritual symbolism of Tolkien from the page to the screen

The 6 Jesuses of Film and Literature – stories are packed with characters using Jesus Symbolism, but what does it mean?

Through the Wardrobe – The Chronicles of Narnia as a Primmer for Fantasy Stories and Spirituality

Film and Discernment – What are movies saying? How to understand there messages and build discernment and communicate with your culture.

We can also set up talks around specific Biblical Themes or looking at specific films or genres (such as the Matrix, Comic Book Films, Horror Films, etc)


  • Basic
  • Speaking – 1 time presentation – $100 + Travel
  • Classes – Two hour class meeting once a week for four weeks – $50 a student
  • If you would like to work out a different situation, email me and we can talk about it.

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, April 4 · 11:30am – 1:30pm – Story Time / Book Signing – Wiggin Memorial Library  Stratham, NHRSVP and More Info
  • Tuesday, April 5 · 11:30am – 1:30pm – Story Time / Book Signing – Wiggin Memorial Library  Stratham, NH RSVP and More Info
  • Thursday, April 7 · 2:30pm – 4:30pm  – 20 Questions to get the Full Story – First Assembly of God Church / 45 Myles Driv / Auburn, NH – Cost: $5-$7 per family Feel Free to RSVP and invite other on Facebook or Contact: Diane Rider @ jfrider2005@yahoo.com or (603) 435-3124 OR add your name to the sign up list at the co-op information table if you would like to attend
  • Saturday, April 9 – Skunk Zoo Open House at Living Proof Studios Dover, NH RSVP and More Info
  • Tuesday, April 12 · 10:30am – 12:00pm- Story Time / Book Signing -Durham NH Public Library / 7 Mill Road Unit H / Durham, NH RSVP and More Info
  • Wednesday, April 20· 10:30am – Story Time / Book Signing at Madbury Public Library /9 Town Hall Rd., Madbury, NH RSVP and More Info Coming Soon
  • Saturday, May 7 · 2:00pm Skunk Zoo Story Time and Book Singing at the Noggin Factory! / 53 Washington St /Dover, NH RSVP and More Info
  • Friday, July 8 · 11:30am Skunk Zoo Story Time, Craft and Book Signing at Gilford Public Library / 31 Potter Hill Rd, Gilford, NH RSVP and More Info

Past Events


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  6. Chad Loranger says:

    I’m glad to see you doing such great work and living a simpler more satisfying life.

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