Reading to Your Child to Foster a Love for Reading

Reading to Your Child to Foster a Love for Reading

Reading will enrich your life, and the life of your child. A love of reading is a simple yet richly valuable gift to give your children. Reading to Your Child to Foster a Love for Reading is a fun program designed to get you thinking about creative and fun ways to make reading even more enticing for your little one. We will discuss many aspects of reading and encouraging the love of story, as well as ideas on bringing your children from board books at nap time, to novels before bed. This is not a strict program to follow or a formula curriculum, rather a presentation of ideas that will help you connect with your children over good books. It will encourage you with ideas so you can tailor your time in a way that is best for you, as individuals.

Presenter Christopher Ouellette has worked with kids all his life. From Group Home/Foster Parent to Youth Pastor. From Literature Teacher, to heading up youth film projects. It seems all his work has calumniated in sitting on the couch and reading a book with his two little daughters.

The presentation will begin with a reading of his first book, written with his then 3 year old daughter, “Skunk Zoo”.

For more about Christopher:

For more about his book and his Independent Children’s Literature Company:

Please contact Christopher at 603-664-5254 or

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