20 Questions Story Structure Class

Story Workshop: 20 Questions to get the Full Story

This workshop will show parents and educators how to look at the parts of a story, to understand what message the author is communicating, and how they are communicating it. The workshop is geared toward educators, school or home-school, who are using story with their students. Our presenter, Christopher Ouellette, will cover the parts of a story arc, and explore questions that will assist in finding the theme, for almost any story. This is great for anyone teaching through a book, movie or play, with a story, from Homer and Shakespeare to popular, modern fiction. The method can be used in many ways, to achieve a variety of goals, including:

Guiding your discussion of any story.

Providing automatic, meaningful, assignments for a book report and reading logs, without having to come up with random “trivia” questions designed to make sure the student is reading the book.

Improving student’s reading abilities, by giving them a structure to understand, and definite things to look for, when reading.

This method was developed for and used extensively, with students in grades 7-12, however, it can be used with a wider range of ages, including very young children. This can be done by reading a story to, or with them, after which you can guide your own questions, based on the 20 question method.

This method can even be used in reverse to aid in creative writing projects.

This is a teaching System I developed while teaching at Good Shepherd High School, but I have used it with kids as young as first grade, and am now teaching parts of it to my 4 year old daughter.

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