The Princess and the Goblin, Live On Stage!


I am very excited to have directed the world premiere.

If you are near the Rochester Opera House, it would be great to see you!

Before Lucy discovered the Wardrobe
Before Bilbo discovered the Ring
Curdie discovered a Goblin plot to kidnap the princess!

The Princess and the Goblin is based on George Macdonald’s classic fairy tale novel

Preformed by the Home School Theater Guild

with script by Matt Buchanan
Directed by Christopher Ouellette

Performances Schedule —

May 10th at 7pm,

May 11th at 9am  (This performance is FREE to school groups who pre-register for tickets)
May 11th at 7pm.

$5 per Person
$20 per Family
$5 Matinee
At The Door:
$7 per Person
$27 per Family

If you would like an office Shirt (or other fun things) from the play, You can look here.

Here is the book it is based on 
You can find it free for Kindel
or for Nook
and an audio book or just text

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Reading to Your Child to Foster a Love for Reading

Reading to Your Child to Foster a Love for Reading

Reading will enrich your life, and the life of your child. A love of reading is a simple yet richly valuable gift to give your children. Reading to Your Child to Foster a Love for Reading is a fun program designed to get you thinking about creative and fun ways to make reading even more enticing for your little one. We will discuss many aspects of reading and encouraging the love of story, as well as ideas on bringing your children from board books at nap time, to novels before bed. This is not a strict program to follow or a formula curriculum, rather a presentation of ideas that will help you connect with your children over good books. It will encourage you with ideas so you can tailor your time in a way that is best for you, as individuals.

Presenter Christopher Ouellette has worked with kids all his life. From Group Home/Foster Parent to Youth Pastor. From Literature Teacher, to heading up youth film projects. It seems all his work has calumniated in sitting on the couch and reading a book with his two little daughters.

The presentation will begin with a reading of his first book, written with his then 3 year old daughter, “Skunk Zoo”.

For more about Christopher:

For more about his book and his Independent Children’s Literature Company:

Please contact Christopher at 603-664-5254 or

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I am Humbled

I am hearing great things about my speaking programs.

Home School Mom Diane Rider said:
Christopher Ouellette, a film theory major, an experienced high school literature teacher and youth worker explores the basics of a good story in his 20 Questions to Get the Whole Story workshop. His enthusiastic and interactive presentation is very relevant for today’s media packed culture. His simple, almost Socratic, method equips you with the tools to delve into the meaning in the books and movies you encounter every day. A literature appreciation class, a creative writing class and a critical thinking class all rolled into one enjoyable workshop! You’ll find yourself relating to your world on a deeper level after attending
this workshop.

Dr. Pam Brady of said:
“Chris is contemporary without compromise. In an increasingly complex genre,he can be counted on to give accurate,Biblical insight.”

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Wow, I have put a lot of Video on line!

have you seen my youtube channels?
DancingSkunkMedia – My Kid Lit Publishing Company
1ThessFIVE21and22 – Movie Reviews from an artistic, moral, and spiritual view
tobethemovieofficial – Test scenes for a movie I’m writing
EhudtheDeliverer – Everything else that didn’t fit anywhere else.

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Skunk Zoo Month at the Barrington Public Library in New Hampshire

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Skunk Zoo Story Time and Craft followed by book singing!

“Story Time” Tuesday, April 12, will have a Skunk Theme that morning.Children’s and Young Adult Services Librarian, Lisa Kleinmann Will be joined by Skunk Zoo Authors Christopher and Eowyn Ouellette who will add to the skunk book selection by reading their book. All of this will be followed by a Skunk Zoo craft and then a Book Singing.

for more information check out

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Dancing Skunk Media Presents: Skunk Zoo Month at the Barrington Public Library

Join us in the month of March to celebrate the release of Dancing Skunk Media’s first Children’s Book; “Skunk Zoo”. Skunk Zoo is a family’s trip to the imaginary Skunk Zoo where they see amazing skunks that are not only cute, and smell, but play instruments, dance ballet and more. Told in rhyme and illustrated with bright cut paper characters and text, this is a fun story to read and hear.

To celebrate the release of “Skunk Zoo”, the Barrington Library will be hosting Skunk Zoo Month. The Month of March you will find:
The original art from the book, will be hanging on the walls of the library, for your enjoyment.
The Authors, Christopher and Eowyn, will join Miss Wendy for her story time March 10, where they will read “Skunk Zoo” and then join in on the Skunk Craft.
A Coloring Contest, with the grand prize of an autographed copy of “Skunk Zoo”, to be announced at the Skunk Zoo Party.
“Skunk Zoo” will be available for purchase at the BPL with a percent of the price going right back to the Library.
Join us at the Skunk Zoo Party, March 26, starting at 11:00am. Christopher and Eowyn will be reading their book, followed by fun games and activities. Stella, a live skunk from the Granite State Zoo will stop in for a visit, with a friend from the zoo, who will share some information about skunks and answer your skunk questions.
To enter the coloring contest, just stop by Barrington Public Library and pick up a Skunk Zoo Coloring page, or print one, at home, from Once you have the picture just the way you want, and your name and phone number are on the back, drop it off before the end of the Library Day on March 25, in the special Coloring Contest Box at the Library. Pictures will be hung throughout the month, on the wall of the Library. Winners will be chosen by the Authors and Dancing Skunk Media personnel, and announced at the Skunk Zoo Party on March 26.

For more information,
Search for Dancing Skunk Media and Barrington Public Library on Face Book.
You could also just pop in at the Library, and check things out. We promise you will not get sprayed!

From “About The Authors”

We live in a wonderful part of rural New Hampshire. Last year, when Eowyn was 3, we went for a walk. Eowyn was next to me and her little sister was in her Mei Tai on my back. I told Eowyn that we should go to a zoo some day to see the animals. Eowyn said “I want to go to the Skunk Zoo”. Starting with “What’s that?”, and being shamed by the answer, “A zoo with skunks”, I asked her questions all the way home. While her sister napped and Eowyn enjoyed her daily quiet time, I wrote up the first draft of this book, based on the answers to all my questions. Later, I read it to her and fixed the parts where she saw literary weakness. As the book continued to develop, Eowyn continued to explain how it could be better. “No Daddy, it’s not supposed to be a rock band”. “It’s been a rock band for months now, and the pictures are almost done”. “Daddy, it’s supposed to be a Skunk Ballerina.” “Could I just add a Skunk Ballerina?” Every one of her creative improvements was incorporated, and all art was approved by her.

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